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A Synergy Pre-Purchase building inspection is an investment in your peace of mind. Buying a home is one of the most important and exciting decisions you make… One of your main priorities is to check whether there are any hidden problems.



Investing in a Synergy Property Inspection before you market your home, can identify problems which may otherwise jeopardise any Offers. Providing an impartial Inspection Report also saves potential buyers time and money - especially helpful if you’re selling your house by Auction.

Synergy can also provide a Property Inspection Report if you’re not selling, but want to know if there are issues that need to be addressed.


Report emailed within 24 Hours of Inspection

Reports checked by
Registered, Licensed Building Practitioner

Impartial, Experienced Property Inspectors

Checked by Registered, Licensed Builder

All Synergy Inspectors are highly experienced and Site Safe accredited, and all our Property Inspection Reports are carefully checked by a Registered, Licensed Building Practitioner. Our Inspection Reports also comply with NZS4306 - the New Zealand Standard for Residential Property Inspections.

We are impartial & independent

Synergy Property Inspections provides impartial Inspection Reports which are not influenced by home owners, real estate agents or buyers. It’s not just a matter of integrity; we also respect our legal obligation to provide an unbiased, independent service.

Standard Inspection Report

Our Standard Inspection Report cost is $399.00 (plus GST). This is a detailed interior and exterior visual inspection of the house and any outbuildings. Our Standard building inspection checklist includes:

  • Significant Defects
  • Any Significant Maintenance required
  • Roofs & Roof Spaces (if access allows)
  • Exterior
  • Interior (all rooms)
  • Subfloor floor (limited from manhole)
  • Floor Coverings
  • Ancillary spaces / buildings
  • Fences & Retaining Walls
  • Visual inspection of Grounds
  • Electrical Fittings & Fixed Appliances
  • Water Pressure & Temperature
  • Drain & Stormwater Drainage Testing

Customise Your Inspection Checklist

Synergy’s Standard Property Inspections can be customised to include additional inspections such as:
(prices are plus GST and some additional reports may incur extra time frames)

Floor levels $50.00
Aerial Drone (high roof areas) $350.00
Detailed Subfloor Inspection $775.00
Moisture Scanning $50.00
Thermal Imaging Inspection (Thermography) $175.00
Asbestos Testing POA
CCTV of Drainage (stormwater / sewer) $775.00
Property File Checks $295.00
Estimate of repair costs $195.00
Re-inspection report (T&C’s apply) $250.00

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