Aerial Photography
Synergy Property Inspections

We offer a wide range of high-resolution aerial photography and imaging services ie;

  • Low Level HD Aerial Photography
  • Live Aerial HD Videos
  • Panoramas
  • The on-board GPS means it is possible to lock the vehicles into hovering at your chosen location. Semi-autonomous flight means our pilot can then concentrate on taking the best images possible
  • To ensure people and property are safe we do not fly anywhere we deem to be unsafe, or in unsuitable weather conditions
  • Our pilots follow all CAA regulations to ensure the Law and safety requirements are met
  • Used to assess damage in high or difficult locations
  • Reduces time and cost compared to conventional methods of scaffolding, harness work or scissor lifts
  • Used for aerial photography of properties when selling or memories

Residential & Commercial Insurance

Using the latest in technology we specialise in photography for the construction industry not possible with ground based technology.

We can carry out close up inspections in hazardous and hard to access areas thus eliminating the need for people to be exposed to dangerous situations.

We are able to identify boundaries and landscape features.

This information can be used in unison with detailed reporting to assist in all related insurance claims.

Residential & Commercial Property Sales

We can provide detailed photographs and film to assist and promote the sale of any property, make your property stand out from the rest, and highlight locations by showing panoramic photographs or film in high definition.

Capture the feel of the property to show the exterior and surrounding location in high definition film or photographs.


We use the latest UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) from DJI, DJI are the world leaders in personal drone technology, this equipment provides professional photography and films in full 4K high definition.

Inspire Drone Example